Sustainable Tribal Forestry Seminar

Institute for Tribal GovernanceThis summer, CPS is happy to be working with the Institute for Tribal Government (ITG) and Ecotrust to present a seminar on Sustainable Tribal Forestry. This partnership strengthens PSU’s commitment to sustainable development and community leadership. The ITG strives (among other goals) to provide tribal leaders with the tools necessary to effectively manage their natural resources. The upcoming Sustainable Tribal Forestry Seminar (August 8-11) will be conducted with this ambition in mind. Main themes of the seminar will include: how to utilize forest carbon credits, new market tax credits, forest stewardship council certification, and holistic watershed restoration strategies. Tribal leaders and staff are invited to register now.

We at the Center for Public Service are confident that the goal of strong forest stewardship is a shared one. Therefore, we encourage tribal leaders and staff of all levels to attend, including, but not limited to: council members, committee & commission members, management staff, elected officials, and attorneys.

This seminar will provide a unique opportunity to join skilled practitioners in charting a sustainable path forward as well as the creative policy tools needed to be effective. For example: attendees will learn how to utilize new market tax credits to purchase tribal land and invest in new energy projects. Adventurous attendees will particularly enjoy the one-day field tour to Ecotrust Garibaldi Forest (at no extra charge). This beautiful, old-growth area serves as a vibrant example of the necessity for sustainable forestry.

The Sustainable Tribal Forestry Seminar – which will be held at the Ecotrust Natural Capital Center in Portland, Oregon – will be split into two separate (but concurrent) sections: a 2-day portion for tribal policy leaders and a 3 1/2-day portion for tribal technical staff. Register early to save. See you at the seminar!

For more information contact:

Don Sampson or Peggy Harris at
or visit the Institute for Tribal Government website at


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