Executive Masters in Public Administration: Now Recruiting for Fall 2011

Now Recruiting for Fall 2011 Cohort

Photo of EMPA class of 2010

EMPA Class of 2010

In June 2010, the 2008 Cohort marched through the hooding ceremony as well as PSU’s largest commencement in history and received distinction as the first Executive MPA graduating class from the Hatfield School of Government. And not too far behind is the 2009 Cohort, which will be graduating this coming spring.

The EMPA Program is offered by the Public Administration Division through the Center for Public Service (CPS) within the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government (SOG) and is the only graduate degree program of its kind located in the Oregon/SW Washington area. This is a highly competitive program, with admission limited to approximately 25 participants each year.  The Public Administration Division is now actively recruiting candidates for the 2011 Cohort, starting in September 2011.  The program allows full-time working professionals with 10+ years of relevant experience to complete their degree in two years.  Those who desire to become more effective in their current positions, or who want to better prepare themselves for assuming roles of greater responsibility, or those who may be considering a career change are invited to call or visit our website:  http://www.pdx.edu/cps/empa.

Important note: The Early Action Deadline for applying to the EMPA program is April 1, 2011; those applying after that but before May 1, 2011 will be considered on a space available basis.

The EMPA program uses a cohort learning model that is organized around a leadership framework designed to cultivate the knowledge and skills needed for problem-solving in a power-shared world and for providing polity-centered leadership within the larger community setting.   The model has been widely field tested by the faculty who do leadership development for agencies in the region as well as in Japan, China and Vietnam.  The Program uses a “coproduction model” to teach participants how to successfully problem-solve and models this approach by encouraging participants to use agency-centered problems and their peers as the testing ground for course readings and theories. This model culminates in a final Capstone Project that provides students with the opportunity to integrate and apply what they have learned in the program to a leadership challenge they are facing in their work setting.

The goal of these various approaches is to cultivate the art of reflective practice. This will enable graduates to continuously draw upon their experiences and use the information gained from their active reading and listening to craft novel yet practical solutions that add value to their organizations, communities, and their professions.  Review the 2008 Cohort members’ final Capstone Projects online at http://www.pdx.edu/cps/empa/capstone.


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